Modernization consultants with an instinct for insights

Nousot delivers data and analytics solutions to help companies anticipate what's next.

Nousot is a world-class consulting firm, integrating modernization services with business analytics services and solutions. This blend is tailored to assist you in achieving your business objectives swiftly, effectively, and on a scalable level.

Nousot works collaboratively to build end-to-end modern analytics solutions and integrate them into existing processes so they are actionable, sustainable, and governed appropriately, and we work with your organization to ensure your solutions are adopted.
Expertise in specific industries accelerates benefits realization. Our industry consultants collaborate with our platform modernization experts, ensuring our solutions are not only adopted but seamlessly integrated with business processes. While we are proficient in many industries, our strengths lie in Consumer Packaged Goods & Retail and Industrial Products & Manufacturing.
Alongside our modernization services, Nousot offers pre-built analytics solutions to tackle mission-critical business issues, such as supply chain and demand forecasting. Our extensive portfolio is designed for effortless integration with modern analytics platforms, like Databricks, facilitating a smooth and efficient adoption process for our clients.
We are selective, engaging with a limited number of partners. Our partners align with our core pillars of data modernization, analytics/AI/ML enablement, accelerated business outcomes, and leading-edge innovation.
Discover how Nousot can help you reach your goals.
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